NatureHealz Pvt. Ltd. has been adjudged the "Best Naturopathic Treatment Centre of the Year" by The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) under the MediTravel Excellence Awards 2017

About Us

Mission Statement

To enhance the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of the society at large through natural means. To provide best-in-class natural products and services to help all patients achieve and maintain the highest quality of life. To introduce world-class patient management processes by integrating global technology, quality, customer service and operational management benchmarks through collaboration with other institutions and individuals in the same domain. To create an ethical and safe environment for our customers as well as employees.

About Team

What are people with background in Quality Engineering and Project Management doing in Naturopathy? We are here because we found a way of life that changed us, and we want as many people to benefit from it as possible. Naturopathy is not a profession for us, but something we believe in. But we were not always like this. We were not very different from most of the people around – overworked, overweight, stressed and fatigued professionals. We tried everything in the book. You name it. We spent a fortune in popular slimming and skin care centers, used numerous diets and consumed some really strong medicines. The only thing that moved downwards was our bank balance.

Then we stumbled upon Naturopathy. It was a leap of faith for skeptics like us. The physician claimed that he could treat ovarian cyst without any medicines. How could he treat you with just food, exercise, mud, water, etc, when another doctor had put surgery as the only option available? Frankly, we went into it thinking that it couldn’t harm us and would lead to a weight loss, if nothing else. We were in for a surprise – Weight down from 90 kg to 60 kg. Eyesight improved by 0.5 D (it had been constant for the past 18 years). Haemoglobin levels increased significantly. Cyst cured. Rosacea disappeared. Looking and feeling significantly younger. The first question that everybody asked when they saw us – “What did you do???” “Naturopathy”, we would say. The second question was always “What is that?”

That is when we realized that there was a huge gap in terms of education and awareness around Naturopathy. It worked wonders, but it had no buyers. You see to sell something you have to first make people aware of its existence. Needless to say people warned us to stay out of this professionally. But for once we wanted to listen to our heart.

NatureHealz is our baby. Being from corporate backgrounds ourselves, we realize the challenges and hazards of modern day metropolitan living. NatureHealz is our endeavour to help you understand your body and incorporate lifestyle and dietary changes required for a healthy living. We believe our varied background and personal experience helps us bring a unique perspective to the treatment provided at NatureHealz.

We don’t expect you to believe us. We didn’t when we were in your place. The belief only comes after you experience the benefits personally. All that you need to start is the desire to make a change and an open mind. We hope you let us be a part of that change.

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