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Understanding Basti Chikitsa

A step to a healthier you According to the natural healing experts, the three doshas in the human body, namely […]

Breathe Free with a Little Help from Mother Nature

Breathe wholly and live a wholesome life We usually take breathing for granted. It is something that happens in the […]

An Ulcer-free Lifestyle

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Shankprakshalana – The Way to Natural Intestinal Cleaning

Love your Gut! It is an age old fact that a clean intestinal tract is what keeps a person healthy […]

How to Eat without Eating Too Much?

Eating more is same as eating unhealthy food A balanced diet is what you need to stay healthy and fit. […]

Hip Bath Magic

GO hip hip hurray!  There is no denying the fact that hydrotherapy can work wonders when it comes to […]

Knock off Kilos with Massage

Massage your way to a healthier you There is no denying the fact that a massage can make you feel […]

Set yourself free from Constipation

Don’t let your gut give you the silent treatment Improper bowel movements are not serious. But they surely cause a […]

Hypertension – The High and Low of it

Keep calm and say no to hypertension Hypertension which is commonly termed as high blood pressure is a lifestyle disease […]

Don’t let the Flu Floor You – Ease the Symptoms of Cold with these All-Natural Remedies

Smart Ways to Win the Cold War this Winter Let’s start off with the bad news, “There’s no actual cure […]