Smart Ways to Win the Cold War this Winter

Let’s start off with the bad news, “There’s no actual cure for flu or cold viruses.” However, on the bright side, the common cold virus leaves your system quickly – within three days on average or ten days at the most. Over-the-counter medications do nothing to kill these bugs and viruses.

On the positive side, there are plenty of natural remedies on hand that help you treat the annoying symptoms of cold making you feel comfortable while also preventing other complications like pneumonia and bronchitis.

Here is what you can do as soon as you spot the first signs of a cold attack this winter.

  1. Sniff an Essential Oil

Essential oils are effective for treating a wide array of ailments – and fighting flu and colds is high on the list. Essential oils ward off germs, thanks to their antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. Think of them as tonics for your immune system.

How to use Essential Oils?

  • Add it to your bath – Soak and let the oils seep into your body.
  • Inhale it – Add a few drops of essential oils to your steam inhaler, bend over it and breathe in.
  • Massage it over a congested chest – Mix essential oils with a carrier oil and apply it over your chest and back for instant relief.
  1. Soak up some Sunshine

Studies prove that there is a direct relationship between sunshine and infection levels. Higher the levels of Vitamin D, lower are your chances of contracting cold and flu viruses. This is one of the reasons why colds and flu are common in winter.

Seeing only dull and grey skies outside your window? Get your dose of the sunshine vitamin by including oily fish and eggs in your diet, both of which are rich in Vit-D.

  1. Wash your Hands often

Yes, simple as that may sound, washing your hands frequently is the best thing you can do for yourself this winter. A vast majority of viruses are passed around from one person to another due to hand-to-hand contacts.  When a sick person coughs or sneezes, the cold viruses are ejected out. When you touch the infected surface, you pick up the virus easily.

Make sure to wash your hands with soap and water frequently to protect yourself from cold and flu this winter.

  1. Sip some Chicken Soup

Yes, your granny got it right with this century-old remedy. Cysteine, an amino acid released when chicken is cooked, works in similar ways as other drugs used for bronchitis. Additionally, the warm soup thins the mucus in and soothes the symptoms of a cough and stuffy nose. Opt for homemade chicken soup as store-bought alternatives come loaded with preservatives and artificial coloring.

  1. Go Green (Tea)

Studies show that L-Theanine, an amino acid found in green tea is effective in preventing colds and flu. And, even when you catch a cold, regular green tea drinkers experience fewer and less severe symptoms than non-green tea drinkers. However, to enjoy these benefits, you should include at least four to five cups of this potent brew in your diet.

  1. Exercise more, even if you Don’t Want to

With the temperatures dropping, it may feel tempting to just curl up in your bed with a cozy rug. However, studies state the contrary. Regular exercising improves your immunity and keeps you protected from nasty viruses.

Start your day with simple Pranayama and follow up with a Surya Namaskar session to ward off colds and flu this winter.

  1. Scoop up the Yogurt

You may be aware that the probiotics in yogurt keep your digestive tract in top-shape. But do you know that these tiny micro-organisms also improve immunity and keep colds at bay?

To reap the full benefits, make sure to include yogurt in your daily diet. However, remember that yogurt contains few strains of probiotics. For more benefits, try to add other foods rich in probiotics, or you can even opt for a probiotic supplement.

  1. Stay Hydrated with Hot Drinks

Staying hydrated is essential to prevent sore throats and dry coughs. Hot drinks are an instant mood lifter. Sip warm ginger lemon tea for immediate relief.

Ginger is an antispasmodic and helps to prevent bouts of coughing and nausea. Honey has a huge array of antimicrobial and antibacterial properties and helps to ease throat pain and improve sleep.

  1. Get Plenty of Rest

When you have a cold or flu, try to take some time off, to recover quickly. Apart from passing on contagious viruses to others, you also run the risk of catching another strain, thanks to your weakened immune system.

So, make sure that you stay in bed and catch up on your ZZZZsss for a speedy recovery.

  1. Stay Positive

It can be doubly hard to flash your pearly whites especially when you have a snotty nose and a thumping headache. However, studies show that stress worsens the symptoms of cold and flu. Try de-stressing activities like meditation and breathing exercises, and you can be pretty sure that the cold virus will vanish within a few days.

Beat the Pesky Cold Virus

As temperatures drop and days get shorter, it’s easy to catch the inevitable common cold. Make use of the natural methods listed here and stay healthy & protected this winter!

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