Not Just Vitamin C, these nutrient-rich fruits boost your Health in many surprising ways!

The tanginess, fragrance, burst of color and the so-refreshing flavor, citrus fruits are a delight in any season. Originally from Australia, these yummy fruits now occupy a prime position of honor in plates across the globe.

You, of course, know that citrus fruits (think: lemons, oranges, grapes, tangerines) are chock full of vitamin C, the immunity-boosting vitamin. This is the reason why many health buffs make it a point to include these in their diet regularly during cold and flu season.

Reasons to fall in Love with Citrus Fruits

But, do you know that these juicy fruits offer other impressive health benefits too? Here are some main reasons why you should include citrus fruits in your diet!

  1. Rich sources of Essential Vitamins

Citrus fruits are rich in Vitamin C, which plays a vital role in strengthening your immune system and helps to keep your skin young. In fact, a single orange is sufficient to meet your vitamin C requirements for the day.

Apart from Vitamin C, they are excellent sources of Vitamin B and other minerals like magnesium, potassium, copper and phosphorous. Additionally, citrus fruits have a wide variety of plant-based nutrients like flavonoids, essential oils and carotenoids that have anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.

  1. Are Full of Fiber

Citrus fruits help you reach your recommended dietary allowance of fiber, thereby boosting your digestion, lowering your cholesterol levels and aiding in weight loss. When compared to other vegetables and fruits, citrus fruits have a higher percentage of soluble fiber.

  1. Heart-Friendly

Citrus fruits contain flavonoids, a type of plant compound that keeps your heart healthy. Studies prove that eating citrus fruits reduce the rate of heart attacks and strokes. Also, the soluble fiber in these fruits reduces your bad cholesterol levels and boosts your good cholesterol.

  1. Lowers your Calorie Intake

If you’re on a diet or monitoring your calorie intake, then it’s time to make citrus fruits a regular part of your diet. Shed those extra kilos by munching on citrus fruits, instead of unhealthy, snacks.

  1. Shield against Cancer

Several studies prove the link between citrus fruits and their impact on cancer cells. They not only suppress the growth of existing cancer cells but also prevent the formation of new cells.

  1. Improve your Brain Health

The flavonoids in citrus fruits ward Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. These neural diseases are as a result of inflammation in the brain and the nervous system. Flavonoids have potent anti-inflammatory properties and help in protecting your nerves from damage.

  1. Low GI

Citrus fruits fall on the lower end of the glycemic scale, meaning that you don’t experience an increase in blood sugar as soon as you eat a citrus fruit. This helps to maintain your insulin levels and gives you steady energy, without the sugar rush.

The Wonders of Citrus Fruits for your Skin and Hair

Citrus fruits not only rejuvenate and refresh you from the inside but also help you look good on the outside. Now, let’s take a look at the amazing benefits of citrus fruits for your skin and hair.

For Skin

  1. Moisturize and Tone your Skin

Citrus fruits help in moisturizing dry and patchy skin. Apply diluted lemon juice on chapped hands, knees and elbows, to get super soft skin. Replace your regular toners with a few drops of citrus juice to feel and look refreshed.

  1. Soothe your Tired Feet

Add a few drops of lime/lemon juice to warm water to remove dead skin from your feet.

  1. Reverse the Signs of Ageing

A study conducted in 2007 proved that people who regularly included Vitamin C in their diet had delayed wrinkles, lowered skin discoloration and fewer signs of ageing.

  1. Sturdy Nails

Vitamin C found in Citrus fruits can boost your nail growth and also prevents them from breaking.

  1. As a Body Scrub

Dry the used citrus peels. Grind them and use the powder as a face/body scrub to get an instant glow on your face.

For Hair

  1. Prevent Hair Thinning

Inositol, also known as Vitamin BH, found in citrus fruits prevents your hair from thinning and helps to keep your locks healthy and shiny.

  1. Put an End to Dandruff

Apply lemon juice on your scalp to bring an end to itchy flakes and to boost blood circulation.

  1. Stop Premature Greying

Premature Greying is one of the biggest hair woes of today. Keep your hair in perfect health by including a generous dose of citrus fruits in your diet.

The Dark Side of Citrus Fruits

Now, that you’ve understood the benefits, a word of caution. While citrus fruits paint a rosy picture, there are a few downfalls.

  • Could lead to Cavities

The citric acid in these fruits could erode your enamel. However, this happens only if you have the habit of sipping lemon water throughout the day.

  • Juicing doesn’t give the benefits of Eating Whole Fruits

While it’s true that citrus juices are rich in Vitamin C, they aren’t that healthy. This is because a single serving has plenty of sugar minus the fiber. There are two main reasons why juices don’t equate to healthy.

  1. The high quantity of sugar leads to weight gain.

  2. The extra fructose present in juices turns into fat and may lead to fatty liver disease.

  • Grapefruit interferes with certain medications

A particular chemical in grapefruit prevents the absorption of a few types of drugs. So, if you’re currently taking any medication, consult your physician before starting any new citrus fruits.

The Takeaway

There’s no arguing the fact that there are several compelling reasons to add citrus fruits to your plate. However, make sure that you’re eating and not drinking them to get the most benefits.

Celebrate the Power of Citrus Fruits!