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About : Dr. Ravindra Vasant Nisal

DrNisalHe works with a premier institute of Nature cure in Indiaby the name of Nisargopchar Ashram, Uruli Kanchan. He is a graduate of both Ayurvedic & Modern Medicine and has been associated with the Ashram since 1980.He is a renowned authority in the field of Naturopathy and has numerous publications to his name. Over the last 10 years he has been serving as the Chief Executive of Nisargopchar Ashram.



All natural food stuffs are tolerable since birth. Infants and babies do not overfeed. All medical practitioners agree that, most of the problems arise due to modified diet, over eating processed food. Mahatma Gandhi gave importance to moderation in eating habits instead of “What and how much to eat” thought. He said over eating is a universal crime; it is a crime against society and sin against our own body. He was of the opinion that, over eating and indulgence in any bad habits like lying, stealing, indecent behaviour is immoral. Nature has created vegetables, fruits with unique taste and colors. Each has unique taste, which is agreeable to most of the animals, birds, and insects. Human beings are in the habit of modifying taste of natural substances e.g. sugarcane is modified to sugar; wheat modified to white flour, biscuits, cookies, and fruits to jams and jellies. All modifications increase the taste and we lose control over palate, overeating follows, which ultimately resultsin to ill health.Habit of eating tasty food increases the desire to eat more. Habits once formed are difficult to shed. Health depends upon how one observes the laws of nature. If one is aware and practices self-discipline and good impression since childhood (Sanskara) then only health can be maintained. Any deviation from the laws of nature which are omnipresent, will cause ill health. Since the evolution of mother earth these laws are undisturbed and are going on since ages. If we do not behave physically, morally, spiritually in accordance with the laws of health, we are untruthful to this wonderful divine human existence, which the God created, and then we become prey to diseases at physical and psychological level.