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Inspirational Transformations

Paromita Mukherjee

Paromita Mukherjee lost sight of her health given her stressful consulting career and the demands of being a perfect mother. […]

Sandeep Thind

Sandeep Thind is a teacher in Jaipur. Like most other teachers who struggle to find the time in their hectic […]

M.A. Bharath

M.A. Bharath was 6 feet tall with a weight of 102 kg. He also had high cholesterol levels, borderline diabetes, […]


25% School Going Children in India are Obese It is difficult to accept that our child is overweight. Most of […]

Neelima Shukla

Neelima Shukla was looking for natural solutions to address several health issues. Over a 20 year period she tried various […]

Alka Arora

Alka Arora was looking for natural solutions to address issues around weight, chronic constipation and body pain. She wasn’t sure […]

Ritu Vinayak

Ritu Vinayak is an inspiration. She fought against all odds, health issues and self-doubts to emerge a winner. At 104 […]

Mallika Pandey

35yrs, South Delhi Mallika Pandey approached NatureHealz to help with severe Vitamin D Deficiency, Calcium Deficiency, Hypothyroidism, Body Cramps, Acute […]

Gaurav Shangari

30 yrs, Gurgaon In late March this year when I went to NatureHealz on the insistence of my wife, I […]

Smita Sundararaman

Founder and Managing Director – NatureHealz There was a time when Smita was obese and grappling with several health issues. […]

Shankar Sundararaman

Shankar Sundararaman weighed 140 kg. Wrong food, excessive work pressure, alcohol, lack of exercise and erratic sleep patterns were playing […]

Aruna Pandey

55 yrs, Lucknow Aruna Pandey approached NatureHealz to help with issues around Excess Weight, Hypertension, Bodyache, borderline Diabetes, low Calcium […]

Radhika Subberwal

28 yrs, Gurgaon Radhika Subberwal was looking for holistic health solutions to take care of Sinusitis, Spondylosis and high Blood […]