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Hair Loss
Onion juice application on scalp

Chandan application on forehead and hot foot bath

Total Cholesterol Management
Coriander Seed water

Joint Pain
Mustard pack on the joint Ginger Tea and Castor Oil as daily morning drink

Should avoid Cauliflower, Broccoli, Peanuts,
Soya Beans, Maize, Lentils etc.

Calcium Deficiency
Eat Ragi, Sesame Seeds , Ramdana , Poppy Seeds,
Black Chickpeas, Cumin Seeds

Vegetable soup and fresh citrus juices

Ginger and Basil juice

Dry Chronic Cough
Pomegranate skin extract

Fennel Seeds water

Avoid raw salad and drink Cumin Seed water

Facial Wrinkles
Apply Honey and Lemon juice on face and wash with cold water

Hair Fall
Daily hair wash with one day old buttermilk

Old, Dry Cough
Black Pepper, Mishri and Malai paste every morning and evening

Low Blood Pressure
Carrot juice and Honey

Swollen Gums
Massage gums with powdered roasted Ajwain and Mustard Oil

Add salt to boiled Fenugreek Seeds and Guava leaves and gargle