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Chronic Constipation

Constipation refers to a condition when it is difficult to pass complete bowel motions or result in hard feces. Afflicted person may a constant lingering feeling of bowel movement to come or that of incomplete bowel movement. The three common symptoms of constipation are:

  • Fewer than three bowel movement in a week
  • Strain during defecation
  • Hard stool
  • A sensation of incomplete bowel evacuation
  • Sensation of an obstruction in the rectal passage while passing stool
  • Manual maneuvers required to facilitate the passing of stool
  • Foul breath
  • Headache
  • Heartburn

Elderly persons are more likely to suffer from constipation. This is most due to a lack of fibrous content in their diet, insufficient water intake, lethargy, side effect of various medication, hypothyroidism and obstructive colorectal cancer. It is first and foremost important to understand that constipation is not a disease in itself, but rather is a symptom of problems in the digestive tract and/or liver function.

Naturopathy offers a combination of therapies to deal with this condition –

  • Diet Therapy is the most effective method of curing constipation is by following a balanced and simple diet. Following habits like chewing food well before swallowing and incorporating natural laxatives enhance digestion.
  • Hydrotherapy facilitates the recovery process of the digestive tract, liver and intestines resulting in healthy bowel movement. This is important not only to hydrate the body but to also wash out the toxins in the body and absorb food nutrients. Under hydrotherapy, drinking water at regulated intervals is also advised.
  • Hip Baths such as hot and/or cold baths induce bowel movement, depending on the cause of inflicted constipation.
  • Yoga is a proven way of curing constipation.

Ultimately, it is important to understand that constipation affects a large fraction of the population and has to be dealt with without stigma. Since the larger fraction of those affected are the elderly, it is advisable that more fibrous content along with to plenty of fluids and exercise be included in the person’s daily lifestyle to keep the digestive system healthy, smooth functioning and facilitate hassle free bowel movement.

Curing constipation in isolation is an attempt to address only a symptom. The root cause of constipation is an unhealthy digestive system, liver function or rectal obstruction. A healthy and balanced diet is one of the best ways to remedy both the root cause, as well as painful constipation.