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Gout is an arthritic condition. This nature of arthritis is characterized by recurrent attacks on the joints. The affected joint becomes red, tender, hot, swollen and experiences acute pain. It is caused by an imbalance in the metabolic process that results in the presence of excessive uric acid in the tissue and blood. It also occurs when the kidneys are inefficient in removing the excessive uric acid from the bloodstream and urine.

The characteristic symptoms of gout include:

  • Inflamed and swollen joints (usually, the big toe)
  • Red or purple skin around affected joint
  • Hampered or stiff movement in the affected joint
  • Peeling skin around the affected joint
  • Itching in the affected joint while recovering
  • Onset of other metabolic disorders symptoms, most commonly that of kidney stones

Gout sets in when the uric acid begins to crystallize around joints or when the kidneys fail to consistently eliminate excessive amount of uric acid in the blood. The causes that lead to high levels of uric acid in the blood stream are:

  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Inadequate urination
  • Infrequent and inadequate consumption of water
  • Excessive consumption of processed meats or beverages
  • Genetics

Treatments under Naturopathy for gout can be administered very easily and leaves no adverse residual result. The treatment revolves around strengthening the body from within in order to support and revive the affected joint.

  • Diet Therapy is advised to modify their diet in order to consume foods that help to provide healthy basic raw material to the body which it further processes towards to rejuvenating the affected joint.
  • Massage Therapy provides relief as the blood flow in the body is enhanced and acts as a catalyst towards the revival of not only gout, but also other forms of bone, muscle and organ related diseases.
  • Hydrotherapy is a helpful treatment as it allows the joints of the body to be relieved of the strain of movement and weight bearing, thereby allowing joints to relax in their natural state.
  • Light Exercises help in reducing uric acid levels. It also helps in easing pain.

Naturopathy not only cures this condition but also prevents flare ups and episodes of resurfacing gout. It can not only restore the body to its nimble joints, but goes further on to reward the individual with an overall healthy and fulfilling life.