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Hiatus Hernia

Hernia is the term used to refer to a condition when an organ or a fatty tissue starts to push against or protrudes into another fatty tissue or organ. The Hiatus Hernia, or Hiatal Hernia, in particular takes place when the thorax is pushed against the thorax via a tear in the diaphragm. This is often an age related condition that comes into being owing to bodily dysfunctions. Typically this problem is experiences in the persons exceeding 50 years of age. The symptoms often resemble those of several others and hence, this disorder is often referred to as ‘great mimic’. Symptoms experienced by the person while suffering from hiatus hernia include:

  • Dull chest pain
  • Shortness of breath
  • Heart palpitation
  • Discomfort in lower oesophagus
  • Swallowed food reflux

The exact cause of this condition is unknown. It is found to mostly occur due to injury or age related deterioration. These factors accompany weakened or degenerated muscles and makes older people more vulnerable to it. The condition is made worse as the diaphragm is a region of constant movement while breathing. Apart from breathing, a number of other movements intensify the pressure experienced in the diaphragm and stomach muscles, such as:

  • Coughing
  • Vomiting
  • Bowel movements
  • Lifting heavy objects
  • Hard sneezing
  • Stress

Under Naturotherapy, a person does not have to depend on medications or other surgical treatment. Naturopathy treatments place importance of a healthy diet, fresh water, exercise and stress management. Naturopathy first approaches by instilling a healthy lifestyle instead of abrupt procedures to remedy Hiatal Hernia. Effective Naturopathy treatments for Hiatal Hernia are:

  • Diet Therapy involves giving up of smoking, eliminating caffeine, eliminating alcohol, eating a healthy diet and most importantly, not to overeat. All these methods help in keeping the body active, alert, healthy and avoiding over eating. Eating nutritious and light food imposes less stress on the stomach so that it doesn’t cause further problems for the oesophagus and diaphragm. Consumption of certain herbs and dietary preparation help to reduce bloating and swelling.
  • Massage Therapy aids the movement of muscles and organs to their original positions while providing relief from pain, stress and improves blood circulation.
  • Hydrotherapy is helpful and effective in preventing reflux of food. Digestive enzymes are improved through intake of fresh water.
  • Light Exercises help to keep the body in its natural healthy state.
  • Yoga is also brought into practice so as to ease out the muscles and relieve mental stress resulting from this disorder.

Naturotherapy can help you achieve a healthy body composition since it is based on the principle of healing the body from within. When certain shifts, like hernia, occur, it is a sign of internal weakness in the muscle and a lack in the nervous system in addressing it. Apt diet, exercise and massages can help restore the body and provides long term relief, as well as cure.