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Jaundice, or icterus, is a disease in which yellow pigmentation occurs on the skin, whites of the eye and other mucous containing membranes. This yellow pigmentation occurs due to elevated levels of biliburin in the blood stream, which eventually leads to an increase in the extracellular fluid. Biliburin is essentially a waste by-product that is formed when the red breaks down in a 120-day cycle. Biliburin is carried with other waste products in to the liver where it combines with a digestive fluid (bile) and exits the body in the form of feces and urine. When an infection or an imbalance occurs in this process, it leads to jaundice. Common symptoms of jaundice include:

  • yellow pigmentation of the whites of the eye and skin
  • dark color of urine
  • weakness
  • high fever
  • loss of appetite
  • loss of sense of taste
  • diarrhea

This condition may also accompany liver diseases such as hepatitis, liver cancer, acute inflammation of the liver or bile duct, and other diseases of the biliary tract such as gallstones or pancreatic cancer. In these cases, jaundice itself is a symptom.

Naturotherapy treatment aims at getting down to the basics to restore health. It helps to provide a cure by changing the diet patterns and adopting a lifestyle that can facilitate and sustain good health.

Diet Therapy

can hasten recovery in a sustained and effective manner.

Massage Therapy

improves the blood circulation and eliminates fatigue from the body that results from jaundice.

Hydrotherapy –

A hot immersion for ten minutes daily helps in relieving the itching that is symptomatic of jaundice. It also eliminates bile pigment from the skin. Applying alternate hot and cold compresses to the abdomen provides relief.


is also beneficial in the treatment of Jaundice.

A healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle facilitate the body to heal from within and respond well to naturopathic treatment as it involves reinforcements provided by strengthened and familiar elements from within the body and leaves no residual side-effects to deal with, once the jaundice is cured.