28 yrs, Gurgaon

Radhika Subberwal was looking for holistic health solutions to take care of Sinusitis, Spondylosis and high Blood Sugar levels. At 88 kg, she also had all the symptoms that accompany excess body weight.

Her 6 month treatment with NatureHealz saw her lose 20 kg+ and revitalize her health completely. Not only has she stopped taking her regular supplement pills, the other health issues and related staple medicines are also history now. She set her mind to the goal and pursued it relentlessly during the treatment period

It is such a joy to see her now – happy, confident and healthy. She has shown people what single-minded focus and discipline is capable of achieving. She knows what it takes to maintain good health lifelong.
Thank you for the faith Radhika. Live Healthy. Live Happy Always.