25% School Going Children in India are Obese

It is difficult to accept that our child is overweight. Most of us like to have chubby children. We think of them as ‘healthy’ instead of ‘obese’. The symptoms are all there. They become lethargic, suffer from fatigue, became breathless after even moderate physical activity and looked dull. Their immunity also takes a hit. But we hesitate to make the required lifestyle corrections for the family.

Naturopathy is not a fancy treatment methodology. It is a way of living right. Those who are new to this need to learn; others just need to practice.

It is never too early to do the right thing. Cutting out/minimizing junk food, ready-to-eat food, food with preservatives/stabilizing agents/emulsifiers, maida products, aerated drinks, excessive sweets, etc is the first step. Introducing healthy, home-made fresh food/fruits/beverages/sweets, preponing dinner to 7 p.m. and dinner at dining table (without TV) also helps. Ensure your child has at least 1 hour of physical exercise every day.

Sarthak went through all of this. And more. Needless to say he hated the change and resisted. After all his friends did not have all these restrictions. He went hungry a couple of times protesting. But a couple of months later there were visible positive changes in his health. He is more active, alert and can fit into his old clothes that could not be pulled up earlier. The paunch is gone and so are the tiers. He is much more confident of himself as his friends don’t tease him any more. Most importantly he has not seen a doc or taken any medicines whatsoever in the last 18 months.

There is no substitute to living natural and no shortcuts to good health. Let us take the hard way. Be the role models for good health for their own sake. They will thank us one day (hopefully)