NatureHealz Pvt. Ltd. has been adjudged the "Best Naturopathic Treatment Centre of the Year" by The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) under the MediTravel Excellence Awards 2017


“I have believed in allowing nature to heal oneself and have explored many ways of alternate healing. I came across NatureHealz at a point when many small things had begun to bother me including having put on additional weight. I found a new way to understand myself and monitor my lifestyle and food habits with a proper mix of therapies and yogic exercises. I found in Smita, the creator of NatureHealz, an inspiring person to instill confidence in oneself and commitment needed to put one’s mind and body on track allowing nature to heal.”

Muzzafar Ali

72 yrs, Filmmaker, Fashion Designer, Poet, Artist, Social Worker
Lucknow, India

“What the team of dedicated specialists at NatureHealz taught me changed my perception of health and stopped my fixation about weight. The food and exercises suggested made me rediscover my mind-body connection. Having struggled with a stressful lifestyle and faulty eating habits, NatureHealz showed me the way of healing from within. It showed results on the outside, the mindset and in the incredible energy I have these days. Thanks to them I will be running my ultra-marathon soon. I would highly recommend NatureHealz to everyone who wants to lead a healthy and joyful life!”

Dr. Divya Parashar

41 yrs, Doctor
Noida, India

“I had joined NatureHealz for three months thanks to recurrent acne, something that hadn’t bugged me even during teenage but was a constant feature now for the last 3-4 years. In three months not only have I lost substantial weight but have also learned to manage my skin which is much better now. Contrary to the popular belief, Naturopathy is not about starvation; it is about eating right. Thank you guys! Never felt better!”

Tanu Shree Singh

40 yrs, Asst Professor
Faridabad, India

“One of the best decisions of my life was to join NatureHealz. Though weight loss was one of the reasons for joining, but what I learnt in the process was much more than just losing weight. I learnt how to eat healthy (even though I used to think I ate healthy); I learnt how to bring discipline in my life; I learnt that if we practice we can definitely change our lifestyle with simple natural things around us; and above I learnt how to influence our kids and husband by being a role model. Everyone at NatureHealz is so motivating and gives such positive energy. It seems all of them are with you in your journey of weight loss. Thank you Smita, Dr. Naveen and everyone at NatureHealz for helping me rediscover myself.”

Mimi Chatterjee

39 yrs, Teacher
Gurgaon, India

“Certain things once learnt become a part of life. It is like learning to cycle, learning to swim and learning to practice Naturopathy. I enrolled myself into Remote Consultancy program of NatureHealz and it has benefited me so much that I don’t stop talking about it now a days. Over a period of 6 months not just my physical appearance changed (by shedding 10 Kgs), but I feel fitter with higher self esteem. It has also benefited me at a emotional level. I am now much more patient and calm with increased level of tolerance under stressful situations. I would recommend this to every professional – going through the daily grind and feeling frustrated at the end of the day – to take charge of their health and enjoy life.”

Rajat Ahuja

40 yrs, Sales Professional
Jaipur, India

“NatureHealz treatment is something different and very interesting. I got treated for Hypothyrodism and low levels of Haemoglobin and Calcium. With a simple change in diet plan and regular exercise, my thyroid levels came well under control and there was a good increase in Calcium and Haemoglobin levels. Thanks to the entire team who were very caring and friendly to me. I am more confident and feel more energetic. The therapies suggested by them have helped me a lot. I was able to run a 10 km marathon with ease following their diet tips and suggestions. I feel maximum people should benefit through consulting NatureHealz.”

Mithra Siva

36 yrs, Homemaker
Mumbai, India

“NatureHealz according to me is a one stop shop for good health. It teaches us how, by simply maintaining a balance between a healthy life and indulgence we can stay energetic, healthy and happy at the end of a hectic day. Everyone after the age of 45 starts popping pills for diseases like hypertension, thyroid, cholesterol etc. thinking it to be natural and normal- but Naturopathy gets you off pills. That does not mean one has to live a saintly life, one can still indulge and ‘abuse’ and stay healthy. The key word is balance and knowing your body. Thank you Smita for introducing me to Naturopathy. I love myself and my body!!”

Nandita Samaiyar

45 yrs, Homemaker
Gurgaon, India



“Due to hormonal changes,  I was diagnosed with PCOD. It was my luck that I met Ms. Smita and Dr. Naveen who guided me through a Naturopathy treatment. It was through some such therapies and eating a healthy diet that I could regain my health. I now believe that Naturopathy is a good way of life that can help us cure ourselves of various issues. ”

Taralika Singh

14 yrs, Student
Gurgaon, India

” I was having problem with my sleep for several years. My inability to sleep properly along with the frequent travelling required as a part of my job was affecting my work and productivity. At NatureHealz, I was advised simple, easy to adopt eating habits, some routine change, some yogasanas and pranayams, some apps to facilitate sound sleep and with that everything changed for me. Within 4 weeks there was so much improvement. I was able to get sound sleep and it worked even when I was travelling continuously out of Gurgaon. Thanks Smita and Dr. Anjali for this change in my life ”

Alok Kumar

38 yrs, Corporate Professional
Gurgaon, India

” Life to me always meant eating, drinking and having fun. It still means the same, the only difference now being that I understand what food is ‘good’ for my body (not just my taste buds) and which drinks help me hydrate my body without stressing out my liver. Such a healthy body leads to a healthy mind and hence I continue to have fun. This is my takeaway from the experience at NatureHealz. I had joined them to control my burgeoning waistline. Not only am I 15 kgs down and managed to reduce my waist line by 8″, but I also got rid of Hypertension, borderline Diabetes, high Cholesterol and Hyperacidity. My journey of 5 months with them has been a once in a lifetime experience after which I feel completely rejuvenated. I signed off my treatment with NatureHealz by undertaking a 9 day Navratri fast on ONLY Lemon Water and Coconut Water. This was only possible by the continuous motivation from the Team NatureHealz. ”

Shalabh Jain

47 yrs, Corporate Professional
Gurgaon, India

” Just wanted to share my gratitude towards NatureHealz in helping me get rid of the fissures that haunted me for more than a year. I was facing severe constipation issues post my delivery. Despite my repeated complaints my gynaecologist did not pay attention to it and I ended-up with this dreadful health issue. After 2 months of having tried everything and unable to tolerate the pain any more I underwent a surgery. I was on antibiotics for more than 2 months but the wound would not go away. That is when I contacted Smita and shared the entire story. I joined NatureHealz when I was literally into depression and had given up the hope that I would ever be a normal human being again. Smita was very confident that Naturopathy can heal this. She and her staff members kept motivating me all throughout. They did not suggest any medicines or ointments but recommended a lifestyle change of good food habits, yoga and some natural therapies. This was a slow and steady process and but I am happy to share that I have recovered and am a very confident person today. Thank you NatureHealz . Way to go!! ”

Vandana Chauhan

34 yrs, Corporate Professional
Noida, India

“Doctors are scary people. They tell you all that’s wrong with you, give loads of medicines and tell you that if you lose weight you will get well. And my question to them has always been…. you think it’s that easy!!! After going through yet another excruciating month of miserable migraines, backaches, crabby behaviour and another set of clothes getting tight, I saw this post on Gurgaon Moms and decided to give it a shot. Heck if the lady in the post can do it, I can surely try.

Came to NatureHealz and spoke with Smita. She gave me a lot of information on what they do and all I told her was… can you make me feel well again. The confidence in her “yes”, made me take the plunge. 2 months of diet control, therapy and regular exercise and Voila!!! I feel as good as new. I haven’t had a migraine for the last 2 months. (My team misses those days 😉 ) Backache? What backache?….it is all history. 7 kgs lighter and fitting into the clothes I had relegated to cold storage. I’ve not been happier. Whats different here? The support and motivation that the lovely lady Smita offer. The guidance that Dr. Naveen offers and of course, the weekly check. That is like going for a board exam!!! The thought of standing on the scale every week makes me work on harder :)
Thank you NatureHealz for helping me get myself back. I’m more energetic, full of life and a lot healthier than I was before…. thanks to you!!! “”

Deepti Varma

40 yrs, HR Professional
Gurgaon, India

“I lost around 30 kgs in 5 months!!!! I never thought it will be so easy and pleasant. It was quite remarkable that I could lose weight by just eating healthy and altering my food pattern, without counting calories.

Thanks to NatureHealz & its founder Smita ji . My work with you & Dr. Naveen has been the best and most helpful part of this very difficult and painful journey. I couldn’t believe that it would ever get better, that someday I might be happy, and that I could actually fully recover from my physical issues. Smita ji reminded me again and again that it’s okay to be scared and uncomfortable, and to ask for help. She taught me how to separate myself from my eating disorder; how to connect to my true self; focus on what’s important and help me to understand the science of food, nutrition, health and wellness of my mind, body and soul. She went above and beyond her job description. Getting in contact with you people was like a breath of fresh air. Thank you for believing in me and for pushing me towards my goal. Thank you for fighting with me and for me. Thank you for being there and reminding me that I’m okay; that I’m stronger than my eating disorder; that I can do this. Thank you for your honest selflessness and the wisdom that you shared with me. I am truly in debt to you for everything you’ve done for me.

You changed my life and I am enjoying it. I have more energy. I am like 10 years younger. I changed my eating habits and enjoy food far more. Now I can say my health is perfect. I recommend it to every one who wants to lose weight in a healthy, natural and pleasant way and being coached by very empathetic dieticians with a lot of knowledge about food pattern. You people are really phenomenal. Thank you for your support. I wish that I have enough words to express my gratitude. ”

Ritu Vinayak

35 yrs, Teacher
Bhilwara, India

“I went to the tailor the other day, and the comment I got was that I seemed to have worked pretty hard to lose quite a bit of weight (and inches!). But it didn’t seem hard at all. I went to NatureHealz with weight being the main issue, but I discovered that I was on the way to borderline diabetes, listlessness, shortness of breath, amongst other problems. NatureHealz gently guided me towards a healthy lifestyle. The kilos have dropped steadily, and I have been told my skin has got back its glow. My hairfall also reduced. Blood tests have shown a measured improvement in Hb, Vit B and D levels too. The cravings I used to have are practically nil now, so I can look forward to keeping up with the lifestyle changes that NatureHealz introduced me to. As for the therapies, they are so effective, yet so do-able, some at home and some at the centre. I hope to continue with the therapies too. Thank you, and I will come to the centre to pamper myself too!”


50 yrs, Homemaker
Gurgaon, India

” NatureHealz treatment has been very refreshing and interesting. Its does not seem to be a therapy/course at all. It is amazing how small corrections and discipline in diet schedules can bring such metamorphic turn around into your body and mind. I was treated for high cholesterol, fatty liver, diabetes and excess weight. Within a span of 45 days everything is coming under control with simple changes in diet plan and regular exercise. But, more than the consultation it is the OWNERSHIP and REGULAR FOLLOW UPS for which the whole TEAM needs to be APPLAUDED THE MOST”

Mohit Tandon

37 yrs, Marketing Professional
Delhi, India

” I started my treatment with NatureHealz in end march 2014 for diabetes, hypothyroidism and cholesterol. I had been on diabetes medication since January 2013 and my medication at the time of starting the treatment was 500 mg metformin once a day. The hypothyroidism and abnormal cholesterol levels were detected when I underwent a medical check up in March. I opted for treating all these conditions through Naturopathy.

Once I started the program, I was able to stop my medication for diabetes in sixteen days. In 45 days, my TSH levels had come down from 9 to 6 and my total cholesterol was within the normal range although some parameters were still not optimal. In three months, my TSH was within the normal range and my cholesterol levels had improved even more.

I have also lost 8.5 kg (although people comment that I seem to have lost 15-20 kgs). I feel so light that I am able to skip rope with my daughter (11 yrs)! I have been attending yoga classes regularly for a number of years but I have seen great improvement in these last few months. The hip baths have cured an old ligament injury in my lower back also!

All the credit goes to Dr Naveen and Smita for my regaining my health!
Months after I stopped the treatment , my sugar levels are still very much within control. I am now the leader for Naturopathy in my circle. My sister, two cousin brothers and their friends have now joined the programme and that is the best testimonial to NatureHealz!! All the very best to you all and may our numbers increase!”

Sudeepa Dharmavaram

47 yrs, Homemaker
Bangalore, India

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