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I saw a few die of hunger; of eating a hundred thousand – Benjamin Franklin

Fasting is different from starvation. It is a highly constructive and beneficial technique that results in the elimination of toxic waste from the body, thereby restoring good health. It is the best form of medication in Naturopathy and works every time without fail.

Generally we all eat much more than what is required by our bodies, thereby burdening our internal systems with a lot of additional effort around processing that food. The body is left with minimal energy to spare to attend to its regenerative and recuperative function. Factors like polluted environment, stress, adulterated food, lack of exercise etc further increase the toxin accumulation. This leads to a deterioration of our bodily functions over time. Fasting provides a much needed rest to the digestive and physiological functions of the human body. The energy saved is used by the body to cleanse and regenerate the body and mind.

During an illness, the body uses up all its energy reserves to fight against the disease. We automatically feel a loss of appetite as the system does not want to waste its energy in digesting and processing the food. We do not need any particular nourishment that time. The appetite becomes dormant. If we eat during this time our recovery is delayed.This is similar to what happens when we fast. The body instead burns the toxic elements present and uses up the existing body reserves to derive the energy required for its day-to-day functioning. The eliminative capability of the human body also gets accelerated during a fast, thereby resulting in a faster removal of disease-causing toxins from the system.

Contrary to common belief fasting does not lead to any loss in energy and vitality of the patient. Instead the physical strength, energy levels and mental alertness of the patients are significantly increased during the process. Rest is advised during fasting. However, this is not because the patients feel weak, but rather because the physician wants to conserve all his body energy to fight the disease and not waste it on unnecessary body functions. Keeping regular one day fasts in a week can keep us fit and healthy if we don’t stuff ourselves with food like we do these days. However, extended fasting for the purposes of treating diseases should always be done under the supervision of a trained Naturopathic physician.
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