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Hydrotherapy is an ancient form of treatment where water is used in different forms to relieve physical and mental ailments and to recharge body vitality. Water has extraordinary healing properties at different temperatures. Internal applications includes intake of water, enema, sniffing of water. External applications includes bath, packs, compress, sprays etc.


  1. Helps maintain hydration of the body
  2. Helps in proper secretion of body fluids and maintenance of Ph
  3. Aids digestion and prevents constipation
  4. Improves skin condition and nourishes it
  5. Helps in detoxification
  6. Being a universal solvent, its use helps in the elimination of uric acid, urea, salts, excessive sugar, and many other blood and food chemicals that are waste products.


There are numerous treatments in Hydrotherapy. Several important ones and their benefits include the following:


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