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Yogasanas help exercise external as well as internal body parts. This helps with proper body functioning, thereby ensuring good physical health, as well as mental peace and calm.The various postures help correct our physiological and physical imbalances and help us tone our musculo-skeletal system. If practiced properly and regularly, yoga has an extremely rejuvenative and therapeutic effect on our body. If you are a beginner, you should always perform the yogasanas under the supervision of an expert trainer, who would advice you on which asanas are good for you keeping your health condition and fitness levels in mind.

There are several guidelines on how to actually perform these asanas:

  1. Yoga should be practiced preferrably early in the morning
  2. The room in which yoga is done should be airy, clean, silent and should be well lit
  3. These exercises should be performed on an empty stomach
  4. There should be no sudden, jerky movements in yoga. The moves should be slow and graceful
  5. Maintain a calm, peaceful and relaxed frame of mind during the workout
  6. Feel the stretch in your body with every move and posture. Focus on the asanas and do not let your mind wander
  7. Wear loose, fitting clothes
  8. Holding a pose provides much more benefits than performing multiple repetitions of the pose. Start holding for a few seconds and them work towards increasing that duration
  9. Women should not practice yoga during menstruation. It is also not advisable during the first four months of pregnancy. Post that it should be done only under expert guidance
  10. End your workout with Shavasana. You can also perform this asana in between other postures if you feel tired and need rest


Different yogasanas have different curative powers within the human body. Several important yogasanas, their health benefits as well as the precautions to be taken while attempting them have been outlined below for your reference:

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