55 yrs, Lucknow

Aruna Pandey approached NatureHealz to help with issues around Excess Weight, Hypertension, Bodyache, borderline Diabetes, low Calcium levels, low Vit D3 and low HDL.

A 5 month treatment saw her lose 20 kg and fit into her old clothes yet again. Her daily medicines for Hypertension and Diabetes as well as the umpteen numbers of supplements are history now. The good cholesterol has increased; Vit D3 and Calcium is right where it should be. Her energy levels have soared. She is able to manage her day-to-day work and more without any stamina issues. All this while she was consulting long-distance over phone!

She is fit and gunning to be fitter. Age is no bar. Hectic lifestyle is no excuse. Where there is a will there is a way. She is walking the talk and showing all her friends and colleagues the wonders of living life the natural way. Thank you for the faith!