30 yrs, Gurgaon

In late March this year when I went to NatureHealz on the insistence of my wife, I admit I was highly skeptical of how my health could improve without taking any medication. I was riddled with problems like high cholesterol, digestive issues, joint pains, excess weight, breathing difficulties etc which so far modern medicine had not been able to provide a permanent solution to. My doctor at NatureHealz listened to my host of health related issues and assessed the situation. Then, based on my requirements and lifestyle – I was recommended a diet course and some simple therapies. Even though I was unsure at first but I followed the instructions diligently as I had grown tired of consuming pills and tablets regularly for the last few years.

Within 2 weeks, I began to see changes. There was an initial adaptation period for my body but the results were astounding. In the first month itself I had lost about 5 kilos and my digestion and joint pains were seeing improvement. By the end of the second month my digestion was completely normal, joint and muscle pains were almost gone but the near-miraculous change was the relief from my 18 year old chronic seasonal bronchitis problem that would make life hell for me every year in the summers like clockwork. Without the use of any anti-allergic medicines and inhalers I was breathing normally because of the healthy diet and natural therapies I was following.

By the end of the third month, I had lost about 12 kilos of weight and dropped so many inches on my waist that a wardrobe refresh became necessary. Those frequent bouts of cold, fever, stomach upsets also disappeared completely. I felt so much more energetic and physically capable than before which allowed me to partake in other physical activities like swimming and exercise which further aided my progress. The benefits were not only physical but mental also. More energy and a disease free body meant less stress, more confidence and higher overall happiness levels. My advice to anyone tired of struggling with long-term health problems – try naturopathy once, you have nothing to lose except your own presumptions. However, I must mention that it’s not magic…you will be required to put in earnest effort from your side. Be sincere with your course, follow your doctor’s advice, and I assure you of radical improvements not only in your health but also your overall lifestyle.